Compressed Air Piping

Champion provides the highest quality reciprocating and rotary air compressor systems, parts and service. Champion utilizes a century of experience in designing and manufacturing air compressor systems. Champion has a long, rich history in the compressed air market.

DRI Products

One of the largest hurdles of a compressed air system is removing in-line water build-up despite the placement of upstream dryers and filters. The DRI Products are tools specially designed to prevent this in-line water build-up.

CHX Series

If your plant requires 90 psi of compressed air, why supply 150 psi?

Compressed Air Piping Kits Quick-Lock/Big-Lock Tubing

The Encore® 700 S offers field-proven tools to encourage your fuel customers to come inside your store and buy higher-margin goods:

Equipment Financing

Interested in gas station equipment financing options? Doehrman partners with Patriot Capital to provide affordable convenience store and gas station financing.

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