Condensate Management

Champion provides the highest quality reciprocating and rotary air compressor systems, parts and service. Champion utilizes a century of experience in designing and manufacturing air compressor systems. Champion has a long, rich history in the compressed air market.

CDV4 Series

The CDV4 Series motorized ball valve is designed for heavy duty applications with high pressure capabilities up to 600 psig.

CDV2 Series

Champion’s CDV2 Series electric timed drain is effective over a wide range of applications because its dual timer allows the user to accurately set the correct drain cycle.

CDV1 Series

The CDV1 Series is a zero air loss, pneumatic, mechanical drain that is designed to automatically remove liquid, oil, and water contaminants from compressed air system components.

CSP EnviroChamp 2

The CSP EnviroChamp2 Series oil/water separator is designed for 90°F at 90% RH summertime conditions and can separate oil/discharge water to levels of 15 ppm.

Intelli PAK

The process of compressing air typically produces a substantial amount of condensate that contains air compressor lubricant carryover.

CHWS Series

Oil Water Separators

CHWS-50 & 100


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