Motorcycle Lifts

Direct Lift is a proud member of the Vehicle Service Group, LLC. (A Dover Corporation company) family, and is the number one supplier of above ground hobbyist lifts in the U. S. and Canada.

X-Force ATV

Multi range lifting height

Pro Cycle

The Pro Cycle has quickly become one of America’s #1 motorcycle lifts. All-Pro Cycle lifts have a 93” table, a 20” approach ramp, and are air operated. Direct Lift provides the best in motorcycle lifts for the hobbyist as well as the professional motorcycle shop.

Pro Cycle XLT DT

Perfect for ATV’s, motorcycles, etc.

Pro Cycle XLT

The Pro Cycle XLT comes with two 12” side extensions, a wheel vise, and dolly. The Pro Cycle XLT is an excellent choice for anyone looking to service ATVs, motorcycles, or anything else that will fit on the 93” long x 48” wide table.

Pro Cycle DT

The Pro Cycle DT and Pro Cycle XLT DT are the same as their standard bike lift counterparts (the Pro Cycle and Pro Cycle XLT, respectively), except the “DT” aka “Drop Tail” has been added for easier wheel service. Blackjack 1000 pound jack shown is not included.

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