Rotary Two Post Lifts

Experience. Craftsmanship. Obsession. These are what raise Rotary Lift above the competition.


The world’s best selling asymmetrical lift is updated to service a broader range of vehicles – with one innovative arm design!


For over 30 years, Rotary Lift has built quality into every two-post they’ve designed. The SPO10 has proven this time and time again. With features like the original single piece “double S” shaped column, true asymmetric columns, three-position flip-up adapters, available 3-stage arms with thread-up or truck adapters and extended height models, the SPO10 delivers everything your shop needs.


You can’t find a better designed and better engineered 12,000-pound two post lift. Due to its size, the SPO12 gives techs a feeling of even greater safety when they’re under a vehicle, while also giving them a little more space between the columns.


Packed with industry leading features, the new SPO16 lift combine high capacity, a low profile stance, wider options and extreme arm reach possibilities with patented lifting speed! All of Rotary’s award winning features can be found on our heavy duty two-post lifts.


The new SPO20 lift combines high capacity lifting, a low-profile stance, wider installation options and expanded arm reach possibilities and you can order it with our patented lifting speed package Shockwave™!


SPOA7-LPA 2-stage low profile arms with round RA adapters reach a variety of vehicles with ease. Round polymer adapters come standard with asymmetric lift models that thread-up or have optional stackable inserts creating greater lifting options. No metal to metal contact. Low-profile, two-stage arms with thread-up adapters. Shorter arm gusset for greater clearance closer to the lift carriage.


7,700 lbs. capacity

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