Alignment Systems

Experience. Craftsmanship. Obsession. These are what raise Rotary Lift above the competition.


Less of a learning curve to run our software, less space required for the machine in any bay, less total cost involved to start doing alignments yourself. The R1090 Pro 3D is your next alignment system.


The R1080Plus can be used with any four post or scissor lift. Its portable aligner console provides the ultimate convenience because you can position it anywhere within the bay—which means you don’t need a dedicated bay to use the machine.


The 1070 wireless aligners is the total package when it comes to 3D wheel alignment. Simply access programs by selecting 5 command keys that guide the alignment tech through the step by step measuring process. 


The 1065 Wheel Alignment System offers total drive wireless capability. No minimum bay size required so this system is ready to fit in your shop.


See significantly higher income production with much faster operating times without any loss of accuracy. Choose the R5000HD for your shop and add alignment to the offering of services you can provide today. Suited for larger commercial vehicles, the double inclometer allows caster adjustment without steering.

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