Carbon Monoxide And Toxic Fume Exhaust Blowers

Housings, wheels, and frames are welded providing heavy construction and assuring solid, rattle-free units. Wheels are supported by heavy cast iron hubs and are static and dynamically balanced. Belt drive units are equipped with variable speed drives.

Clockwise rotation wheel and bottom horizontal discharge housing is standard. Discharge may be changed to any one of eight directions at job site or specified on order. Direct drive, BD-7 and BD-8 belt drive blowers are either forward curve or radial blade. All other belt drive blowers are backward curve. All blowers comply with AMCA Standard 210 and bear the AMCA Seal.

Various types of installations may require accessories for the blower such as:

  • All-Weather Cover
  • Back Draft Damper
  • Vibration Pads
  • Belt Guard
  • Acid-Resistant Coating of Air Stream
  • Spark-proof Construction
  • Inlet and Outlet Flexible Connections
  • Blower Platforms

Blower Limited Warranty

Should any failure due to defective workmanship or material occur within 12 months from date of shipment, replacement of defective part only will be made promptly without charge. This warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, abuse, misuse, overloading, altered products, or materials not of seller’s manufacture.


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