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Unmatched Automotive Service Equipment Solutions by Doehrman

As the premier dealer of automotive service equipment in the Southwest, Doehrman has been the trusted partner for both commercial and residential garages for over four decades. Offering a comprehensive range of services, from sales and design to construction, installation, maintenance, and repairs, Doehrman continues to deliver exceptional service and unparalleled expertise in the industry.

Founded in 1978, Doehrman has become the leading automotive equipment dealer in the southwestern United States. Doehrman is a principal dealer for more than 50 leading automotive equipment manufacturers. Our customers include dealerships, tire, body, and auto repair shops, fleet and governmental maintenance facilities, and residential garages.

Doehrman has a rich history of quality, innovation, and industry leadership. We have made a mark in the automotive equipment industry by introducing many innovative equipment solutions that have been incorporated into service facilities nationwide. Doehrman has also been involved in establishing industry operating standards. We are very proud of the industry contributions we’ve made over the years.

In 2021, Doehrman was acquired by Western Pump, a leader in building & servicing fueling & transportation infrastructure facilities. The acquisition will allow Doehrman to expand its industry-leading suite of services into Southern California. Click here to learn more about the acquisition.

Interested in fueling and transportation infrastructure services? Click here to learn about our sister company, Western Pump.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations. We care deeply about our partners’ success and share their sense of urgency. We build long-term relationships with our customers because they know they can count on us.

The foundation of these long-term relationships is built on three principles:

Experience and Expertise

Doehrman has been the leading automotive service equipment dealer in the southwestern United States for over 40 years.

Unsurpassed Quality and Superior Customer Service

We stand behind every piece of equipment we sell and install.

Provide a Turnkey, One-stop Solution

We provide a full spectrum of automotive equipment services.

Our Core Values

Doehrman Has Five Core Values

Be Passionate.

Care about our work and take pride in what we do. Nurture each other and those we serve. Promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions. Be proud of our heritage and passionate about future possibilities. Value, promote, and fiercely protect our reputation.

Earn Trust With Action.

Do what we say we will do, ALWAYS! Accept responsibility for our actions, accountability for our results, and ownership of our mistakes. Always do the right thing. Treat others the way we want to be treated. Eliminate surprises through consistent and positive communication.

Deliver Exceptional Value.

Do more with less. Be solution oriented. Focus on delivering outstanding results. Be relentless and driven to execute on the highest standards in everything we do. Don’t just satisfy – aim to delight!

Create Shared Success.

We are team: recognize that great things happen when a team comes together with a unified goal. Reward ambition and create an environment where self-starters thrive. Build great relationships with all parties who contribute to our purpose. Exchange knowledge and experience to foster individual and company growth.

Be Humble.

View every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Welcome feedback and seek constant learning and improvement. Acknowledge the role of others in our success. Be transparent – share information, share insights, share mistakes, share victories.

Our People

Our sales staff is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry, which is why over 50 of the top automotive equipment suppliers have selected Doehrman as their principal supplier in the Southwest. Our service techs and installers collectively have hundreds of years of experience and are highly skilled OEM-trained technicians. We work closely with our equipment vendors to ensure that our personnel have the knowledge and training necessary to safely and properly maintain the equipment we sell and install. Importantly, our staff is loyal and dedicated to Doehrman and our customers. Our key managers average over 15 years with the company, and overall employee tenure is 10 years.

Our Credentials

California (#673853) Licenses

  • General Engineering (Class A)
  • General Building (Class B)
  • C-10 Electrical
  • C-61/ D-40 Service Maintenance and Installation
  • Hazardous Material Waste Removal (HAZ)

Nevada (#0057569) Licenses

  • General Building (Class B)
  • 4-Service Stations

Idaho (#RCE-52704) Licenses

  • General Building (Class B)

Montana (#258330) Licenses

  • General Building (Class B)

Arizona (#ROC333393, #ROC333348 & #ROC200394 ) Licenses

  • B-1 General Commercial Contractor
  • CR-11 Electrical
  • CR-5 As Restricted by Registrar

What Customers Are Saying


“I have been involved with this company for over 30 years as an agent for AutoNation and other dealer groups. Outstanding service and excellent installations of air compressors, lifts, tanks and lube equipment. The best in the area for automotive equipment. The other review complains about not referring other lift installers. There is major liability involved in installing vehicle lifts. You don’t refer installers for that reason.”

Alan Cook


“Doehrman accommodated me during a real bind and sent a very experienced service tech to diagnose a lift issue for me and even worked with manufacturer to replace the part. Thank you so much.”

Andrew Durkin


“I purchased a residential car lift to hold 4 cars in my 3 car garage and Nick Stallone was the best customer service I could ask for. I didn’t even have to ask, he knew what needed to be done to make everything perfect for my needs.”

Jeff Allen

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