Our History

A History of Quality, Innovation, and Leadership

Gary Doehrman and his father founded the company in 1978, starting in the family’s automotive equipment warehouse. Early on, Doehrman made a mark in the automotive equipment industry by introducing many innovative equipment solutions, including early versions of double-wall fluid containment tanks and industry-changing designs for work centers, like concealing lubrication and air systems. Doehrman has grown into the leading automotive service equipment dealer in the southwestern United States and the only one–stop shop for building and maintaining automotive service centers in the region. In 2021, Doehrman was acquired by Western Pump, enabling the expansion of our industry-leading suite of services into the Southern California market. Click here to learn more about the acquisition.

A Tradition of Innovation and Industry Leadership

In many ways, Doehrman has contributed toward setting the standard for “state of the art” modern shop design. Working closely with facility designers, customers, and equipment manufacturers over the years, we have brought several innovations to the industry that have been incorporated into service facilities nationwide. Some of the new car parts and service facilities we have developed /constructed are recognized as the best in the world by customers and industry experts. We were also involved in helping to establish the standards used in the Automotive Lift Institute’s (ALI) lift inspection program, which is widely used nationwide. We, as a company, are very proud of the industry contributions we’ve made over the years.



Expanded Facilities by opening a new warehouse at the Administration Facility


At Home

Residential Division Established



Became nationwide leader in the design/ building – of the modern “super service” facilities


Penske Auto Plaza

Completed largest project to date
Penske Auto Plaza


Changing the industry

Developed industry-changing designs for work centers including concealing lubrication and air systems



Developed early versions of Double Wall Fluid Containment Tanks



Gary and his father founded Doehrman out of his parent’s company, Automotive Equipment Warehouse

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