Retractable Exhaust Hose Reel

The Harvey Automatic Retractable Hose Reel offers one of the most convenient methods available for extracting harmful exhaust fumes and gases from all types of service areas. The carbon spring-operated hose reel is designed for years of trouble-free service and can be adapted for use with ALL types of vehicles.

The exhaust hose supplied with the reel is fabricated of Silicone Fiberglass with an internal wire helix and rubber coated. It is high heat resistant to 600 degrees and meets U.S. military and commercial specifications as well as United States Air Force requirement for high temperature stability.

A Harvey Hose Reel is shipped prewound and complete with the following components:

  • Retracting hose reel with automatic recoil, lock, and latch
  • SF exhaust hose
  • 4’ x 6” duct connecting exhaust tube with clamps
  • Tailpipe adapter
  • Stop collar with clamps

Custom hose lengths are available upon request.


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