Standard Overhead Systems

An overhead system is easily installed in an existing or new building. A single drop is normally located at the side of the stall approximately 1’ behind the rear vehicle bumper. The ductwork should be at an elevation of 15’ to 16’ A.F.F., which would then allow the standard 20’ hose drop to attach to either right or left side mounted tailpipes.

An overhead drop is installed by slipping the overhead coupler over the appropriate size stub or airflow “T” of the ductwork. The overhead coupler is held in place with a bolt through the assembly.

For dual exhaust vehicles, a “Y” harness should be used in conjunction with the overhead drop.

Various types of pull-up sets are available to retract hose drops when not in use, such as Harvey’s No. 1, 2, 3, or 4 Skyhooks.

System Options and Components

  • OH-30/40 Drop Assembly
  • Diesel Exhaust Systems
  • Pull-Up Sets for Overhead Systems
  • Balancer for Overhead Systems
  • Heavy Duty Pull Up Reel
  • Specialty Exhaust Hose
  • High Temperature Exhaust Hose
  • Welding Hose
  • Welding Exhaust Hood
  • Welding Hood


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