Overhead Exhaust Rail & Telescopic Systems

“TELESCOPICALLY®” Designed Over Exhaust Drop Model #TS-30

The Harvey model #TS-30 is “TELESCOPICALLY®” designed to simplify and improve upon existing overhead exhaust drops currently available. The #TS-30 consists of three lengths of lightweight, flexible tubing that slide one into another and give the appearance of only one 6’ length of tubing attached to the overhead duct.

The tubing and tailpipe adapter that connect to the vehicle are non-crush, neoprene rubber. Drive over it! The tubing and adapter cannot be crushed or damaged. Pull-up sets are not required with the #TS-30 and #TS-40 drops.

HRX-812 Exhaust Rail

The HRX-812’s elliptically shaped aluminum rail allows for efficient airflow and sleek styling. The easy-glide trolley assembly allows drops to be shared among bays (check state and local codes). It also features pinned joints to guarantee easy alignment of rail sections and our “Positive Pull” nut and bolt joining system with gasketed seams to ensure a simple, trouble-free installation.

Trolley assembly can be fitted with the standard #TS-30 drop or the #3-Skyhook balancing pull-up configuration or any of the RHR series hose reels. The heavy duty trolley assembly is fitted with eight ball bearing wheels for smooth operation.

Rail systems also available for heavy duty transit truck/bus or industrial applications.


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