Underground Concealed Exhaust Systems

The body of the PS Floor Fitting is plastic molded from high-temperature resistant polyethylene. The top flange and lid of the PS Fitting is cast aluminum with the 5/16” thick lid having a tensile strength of 35,000 pounds. The lid is attached to the flange with a heavy-gauge, all stainless steel piano hinge for easy maintenance.

When in the open position, the lid rests solidly on the floor. The molded plastic Floor Fitting offers reduced costs and is impervious to all the elements for years of trouble-free service. The base is designed to fit the Harvey Molded Plastic Pipe Saddle, which allows for approximately 4” height adjustment.

System Options and Components

  • Harvey Underground Concealed Exhaust System
  • Harvey Underground Plug-In Type Exhaust Systems (Non-Disappearing)
  • Harvey Dynamometer, Truck, and Heavy Equipment Floor Fitting
  • Harvey Diesel Cane
  • Harvey Recover
  • Two Bay Wall Mount Garage Kit
  • Portable Exhaust Kits


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