Hunter ADAS Equipment, including ADASLink® Full Diagnostic Scan Tool and DAS 3000 ADAS Fixture

DAS3000 ADAS Fixture

Hunter ADASLink®


Hunter ADAS Calibration Equipment

ADAS & Scan Tool Package

Boost your automotive service capabilities with our ADAS & Scan Tool Package, featuring the DAS3000 ADAS Fixture and Hunter ADASLink™ Full Diagnostic Scan Tool. This package streamlines ADAS calibration and diagnostics with integrated camera support, ADASLink™ guidance, and Bosch-powered support.

You get static calibration software and wide OEM coverage, future-proofed by Bosch’s co-development. It simplifies with integrated target storage, OE procedures, and recalibration solutions. The Hunter ADASLink™ tool accelerates calibration, supports FCA secure gateways, and offers pre- and post-scan functions, integrated with HunterNet® and WinAlign®.

Deliver precise and efficient ADAS services with this compact package. Explore the resources section for complete contents.

asTech ADAS Calibration Package

Elevate your automotive service with the asTech ADAS Calibration Package. Featuring WinAlign, an Alignment System with an extensive vehicle database, four high-res cameras, and quick measurements. Achieve OEM-approved precision in just 90 seconds, with the best technician guidance and alignment tools. Wheel alignment is a crucial step before ADAS calibration.

Paired with HunterNet, you benefit from Astech Remote Calibration Services. Expert tech assistance, up-to-date OEM coverage, and secure Gateway support ensure seamless calibration. No coverage gaps for new models, and detailed Calibration Reports for shop and vehicle owners. Unlock Remote Diagnostic Services for on-demand OE scan tool functions and the latest vehicle coverage.

Additionally, the Hunter Camera Kit and Adaptors (20-3683-1) expand compatibility with non-Hunter ADAS Kits, while ADAS Calibration Fixtures are available separately. Note that not all brands are supported. Revolutionize your ADAS services with asTech.

Aftermarket ADAS Kit

Revolutionize your ADAS services with the Aftermarket ADAS Kit. This fast, efficient, and accurate solution significantly reduces fixture positioning time by over 50%, eliminating the risk of wheel damage. The kit enhances accuracy by aligning the fixture with the vehicle’s thrust line using cameras.

Please note that the kit is showcased alongside the Autel MaxiSys ADAS calibration package and the Hella Gutmann CSC Tool, although these packages are not sold by Hunter Engineering Co.

To ensure compatibility with your system, make sure you have an aligner with WinAlign 16.1 or a newer version. The Hunter Camera Kit and Adaptors (20-3683-1) are also available for use with non-Hunter ADAS Kits. This comprehensive package empowers your service center with efficient and precise ADAS calibration.

Important Features

Hunter ADASLink® Full Diagnostic Scan Tool

  • Dynamic (driving) ADAS calibration coverage included
  • Static (fixture) ADAS calibration available with DAS 3000
  • FCA secure gateway compatible
  • Pre- and post-scan ready
  • For use in any bay, with or without Hunter aligner
  • Full scan tool not limited only to ADAS
  • Powered by Bosch

DAS 3000 ADAS Fixture

  • No more plumb bobs and tape measures
  • Integrated cameras reference wheel targets for on-screen guided positioning with ADASLink®
  • Hunter training and support
  • Powered by Bosch
  • First year of static calibration software included