Parallelogram – 4 Leg

The parallelogram lift system is convenient for facilities and technicians. No column obstructions and a clear floor design allows for a productive work area. Preferred for inspection bays, routine service bays or wash bays. These lifts are easy to drive on for spotting and idea for pull through situations.

  • Runway Style parallelogram lift
  • Surface mount
  • Exclusive Mechanical Locks
  • Clear Floor Design
  • ALI Gold Certified (50/28FXXX-5)

Important Features

The Parallelogram – 4 Leg is ALI Gold Certified (50/28FXXX-5), third-party tested to meet high industry standards and performance. Call your Direct Lift distributor today, it’s the “lift” you need!

  • Capacity 30,000 – 50,000 lbs.