R146RP Super

The hand-controlled R146RP SUPER includes an air-driven PLUS91SA HELPER ARM. This bead top pressing and tire lifting device for large and special tires feature a lower bead lifting roller and pneumatic top bead pressing tool.

  • Integrated Wheel Lift Attachment
  • Hand controlled, double-acting bead breaker
  • Bead Pushing Roller
  • Storage Tray
  • Extra-large 46” frame
  • 110v drive motor supplies needed torque
  • Air tank located in column
  • The gearbox is supported by steel plates to avoid flex
  • Removable pedal assembly for easy maintenance
  • Tire paste lubricant and brush
  • Available with Airpower motor (Model # R146RAPS)
  • NOTE: PLUS91SA IS NOT INSTALLED PRIOR TO DELIVERY The extra height of the vertical post and tool shaft allows operation on tires to a maximum 15” (381 mm) tire width.