Cars. SUVs. Trucks. Vans. They can all drive right onto the SM14 and be in the air in no time. The gold standard of four post lifts, the SM14 is engineered with single-piece, non-welded runways to provide maximum long-lasting strength. Its louvered ramps provide improved traction and come with a powder-coated Hammer Tone paint finish for improved durability. And most importantly, the SM14’s adjustable latch bars ensure that the runways are level at any of the multiple locking positions.

  • Cylinders under the runways protect them from corrosives and physical damage
  • Louvered ramps for improved traction and less floor gouging
  • Polymer rollers protect shop floors and allow for quieter operation
  • Powder-coated Hammer Tone paint finish for longer paint life
  • Adjustable latch bars keep runways level while in locking positions
  • 20” single-piece, non-welded runway with tracks for rolling jacks
  • ALI Gold Certified

Important Features

Available with Shockwave™ (SM14SW) or without (SM14).

Max Wheelbase182″ (4622mm)215″ (5461mm)
Rise Height78 3/4″ (2000mm)78 3/4″ (2000mm)
Length Overall20′ 10″ (6350mm)23′ 7″ (7188mm)
Width Overall**†10′ 11 3/4″ (3346mm)10′ 11 3/4″ (3346mm)
Inside of Columns**116 1/4″ (2953mm)116 1/4″ (2953mm)
Between Front and Rear Columns195 1/4″ (4959mm)228 1/4″ (5798mm)
Height of Columns7′ 6 1/2″ (2299mm)7′ 6 1/2″ (2299mm)
Width of Runways20″ (508mm)20″ (508mm)
Height of Runways7″ (178mm)7″ (178mm)
Width Between Runways43″- 46″ (1092-1168mm)43″- 46″ (1092-1168mm)
Lifting Capacity14,000 lbs. (6350kg)14,000 lbs. (6350kg)
Motor2 HP2 HP
Motor Shockwave5 HP5 HP
Batteries Not Included2 Standard Group 242 Standard Group 24
Voltage Single Phase208v-230v208v-230v
Voltage with Shockwave110V110V
Time of Full Rise65 seconds65 seconds
Full Rise/Decent Shockwave ***35 secs./18 secs.35 secs./18 secs.
Min. Bay Size15’x26′15’x28′
S = Shorter length L = Standard length EL = Extended length
SM14 lifts are available in blue and red.RAL5005RAL3002
Additional colors maybe available – consult your Rotary® representative for details
* Maximum wheelbase is based on a tire diameter of 29-1/2” (749mm)
** Narrow bay models available. Consult factory for min. bay size before ordering
*** Actual rise and descent times may vary depending on weight of the vehicle
† Length and / or width overall is 10 -1/2” longer with SHOCKWAVE power unit mounted on the side or front of column