You can’t find a better designed and better engineered 12,000-pound two post lift. Due to its size, the SPO12 gives techs a feeling of even greater safety when they’re under a vehicle, while also giving them a little more space between the columns. Its size and its larger footprint make it optimal for shops that have larger bays and work on taller, heavier vehicles. And that’s why it’s chosen by more dealers and independent repair shops than any other lift in its category.

  • True symmetrical, single-piece “Double S” columns
  • Standard front & rear three-stage arms
  • Truck adapters with stackable inserts for added reach
  • Available in alternate height configurations to fit your shop’s needs
  • Available with Shockwave™
  • ALI Gold Certified

Important Features

Symmetric Lift

Capacity12,000 lbs.
Rise72 3/4” – 75 1/4”
Overall Height13′ 8″
Base Required Ceiling Height14′
FJ5160 1′ Height Extension Required Ceiling Height15′
FJ5161 2′ Height Extension Required Ceiling Height16′
Overall Width11′ 5 5/8″
Drive-Thru Width8′ 6 3/8″
Front Arm Min/Max27 1/2″-59″
Rear Arm Min/Max27 1/2″-59″
Min. Adapter Height4 3/4″
Motor2 HP
Time of Full Rise/Decent60 secs./40 secs.
Min. Bay Size12’x26′