Rotary’s new 14,000-pound alignment-ready scissor offers an impressive 193-inch max wheel base. The lift’s front radius gauge area has an extended, lengthened recess where multiple plates can be configured for vehicles with longer wheelbases. This configuration can handle vehicles with wheel bases as little as 85.5 inch to larger trucks and vehicles up to 198 inches.

Get more in that bay and do more with this lift. Couple this lift with our new alignment system which requires little to no room in an alignment bay and you’ll get more than just alignments done. Start thinking outside the box and start thinking Rotary alignment systems.

  •  Two Adjustable 7,000 lbs.Rolling Jacks Included
  •  Two Turning Radius Gauges Included
  •  Folding Ramps With Rear Wheel Chocks
  •  Air Actuated Rear Slip Plate Locks
  •  Intuitive Console Controls
  •  Recessed / Surface Mount Options
  •  40″ Between Platforms for More Access
  • Capacity 14,000 lbs


XA14 Brochure