Western Pump Acquires Doehrman

Doehrman Acquired by Western Pump

Doehrman is excited about joining forces with Western Pump – the Southern California leader in building & servicing fueling & transportation infrastructure facilities.


The Western Pump acquisition will allow Doehrman to expand its industry-leading suite of services into Southern California. Here’s more information about Western Pump and the opportunities created by the companies joining forces.

Western Pump’s growth into Arizona, up until this point, has been ongoing but limited to petroleum equipment installations and services; however, the acquisition of Doehrman Company changes the landscape and creates opportunities all around. Western Pump’s interest and involvement in automotive service equipment dates to the mid 90’s when it sold, installed, and serviced lubrication and compressed air equipment.

By the early 2000’s, WESTERN PUMP was tackling ground-up vehicle maintenance facility construction projects in addition to its current scopes of work as a full-service petroleum equipment contractor. Western Pump is the only fully integrated fuel facility construction, service, maintenance, compliance, and equipment distribution company in the Southwest. Moving forward, the company will focus efforts on expanding its market share in both the automotive and petroleum equipment markets.

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