A Doehrman-provided wheel alignment machine from Hunter Engineering and a Rotary tire changer, situated in a garage with blue vehicle lifts lined up in the service area.

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Hunter’s Innovation, Revolutionizing Undercar Service

Hunter’s award-winning innovation team is responsible for hundreds of patented and exclusive features that make Hunter the most productive undercar service equipment available. Comprised of over 120+ engineers and support staff, Hunter’s innovation team is the largest wheel service engineering staff in the world. In October 2019, Hunter became the first company in the undercar equipment industry to reach the milestone of being granted its 300th patent.

Hunter BL Series Bench Lathe

Hunter BL Series Bench Lathe

Industry leading combination bench lathe The BL Series Bench Lathe is a combination bench lathe that brings speed, precision and versatility to your brake service. The unique design of this combination lathe allows the operator to change the setup of the brake lathe from rotors to drums and vice versa with unprecedented speed and ease.
Hunter AutoComp Elite®

Hunter AutoComp Elite®

The base AutoComp Elite® model combines its industry-leading cutting speed with automatic compensation for even greater performance. The standard model builds on the base by adding a tablet for more convenient control, plus rotor thickness specification, multilingual training videos and adaptor and vehicle lookup.

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Interested in equipment financing options? Doehrman partners with Patriot Capital to provide affordable convenience store and gas station financing.

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