LYNX® 1:1 – Stainless Steel

LYNX® 1:1 – Stainless Steel piston pump is perfect for small volume users, synthetics, gear oils, and mineral oils.

The 1:1 version for higher volume with short distance requirements such as oil bars, tapper pumps, and medium to light viscosity oils.

LYNX® 1:1 – SS piston pump is engineered for outstanding performance and reliability to dispense lubricating oils and similar products up to SAE 90.

Important Features

NOTE: Thermal expansion of the fluid in a distribution system can cause an increase in system pressure that can damage lubrication system components. Use pressure relief valve kit 3120-086 for this pump.

(1) Ensure that all hose fittings and piping are rated for fluid outlet pressures. Balcrank recommends a minimum of 3x safety factor.
Warning! Do not use any LYNX® series products with flammable fluids.

Verify fluid compatibility with MSDS sheets.

Contact Balcrank for specific system design performance and technical data.

  • 1110-010 – 1:1 Bare carbon steel stub pump with bung adapter
  • 1110-009 – 1:1 Bare carbon steel drum pump with bung adapter
  • 1160-008 – 1:1 Bare stainless steel drum pump with bung adapter
  • 3120-086 – Kit, Pressure Relief, 3/4”,850 psi (59 bar)