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Hunter Scissor Alignment Lifts


Hunter Scissor Alignment Lifts

Maximum productivity, minimum space

Hunter’s automotive scissor lift family offers four capacities and several wheelbase lengths to meet virtually any need. Hunter vehicle scissor lift racks feature low drive on heights for all models, or even popular flush mount configurations. Add Inflation Station, PowerSlide, and AlignLight options to really ramp up productivity.

New harsh-duty options available to for high road salt/brine use applications

  • Open-front and rear access
  • Built-in slip plates standard
  • Stainless steel turnplates standard
  • Two moveable worksteps standard
Air Supply Requirements9-10.3 bar (130-150 PSI)
Minimum Concrete Spec.76 mm (3 in.) thick,
20,700 kPA (3000 PSI) rating
Maximum Floor Slope51 mm (2 in.) over 3200 mm (126 in.)
Max. Vehicle Weight6300 kg (14,000 lbs.)
General Service4750 mm (187 in.)
Two-Wheel Alignment4623 mm (182 in.)
Four-Wheel Alignment4013 mm (158 in.)
Alignment HeightAll lock positions
Min. Four-Wheel Alignment2235 mm (88 in.)
Lifting Speed1 speed, 60 seconds
Lowering Speed2 speed, 25 seconds